NYPD bodycam

NYPD bodycam catches Harlem teen-detective interaction

NYPD bodycam catches Harlem teen-detective interaction

The NYPD released bodycam footage Thursday of a Harlem adolescent shouting and striking at an officer as her wanted boyfriend was brought away.

The footage was released with a statement from NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell saying the Internal Affairs Bureau was evaluating the confrontation, particularly Detective Kendo Kinsey’s conduct when the suspect’s girlfriend interfered with the arrest.

Tamani Crum, 19, questioned officers walking with Elvin James, “What’s the problem?” “F—- off!”

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Crum seemed to swipe at Kinsey before pushing her, sparking indignation among onlookers.

Sewell said the officer hit the lady with an open hand rather than a punch, and footage showed James going in for a kiss from Crum before the argument.

Crum was freed on her own recognisance following arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Crum commented on Instagram after court, “Appreciate the support & concern.” “Me and my family will be OK.”

Records reveal James was held on $300,000 bond. Resisting arrest, gun and drug possession were his charges. James also had 20 Oxycodone tablets, according to investigators.

Mayor Adams backed the police who fought the juvenile in Queens.

“We need clarity,” he remarked. A throng tried to obstruct the arrest as they subdued the culprit. The girl hit a cop, and he replied.

Crum appeared after her partner was arrested for attempted murder on Aug. 12. When arrested, Sewell stated he was carrying a “ghost pistol.”

“The NYPD took another illegal handgun — and the guy who carried it in public,” added Sewell. This incident, including the officer’s actions, is being reviewed.

The allegations against James, 22, did not identify the previous incident, and police offered no specifics.

The head of the detectives’ union is considering suing Crum over the incident.


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