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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents pose risks not found in other types of motor vehicle collisions.The driver’s body is exposed to the impact and may be crushed between the motorcycle and the other vehicle. The aggregate speed of a collision can reach up to 120 miles per hour, which is sufficient to leave a person’s corpse liquefied on the road. In any case, motorcycle accidents frequently end in amputations or fatalities.

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The knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Brothers can assist you with all aspects of your motorbike injury. From small rear-end crashes to serious traumatic injuries, catastrophic collisions, and brain damage accidents, Shawn and Shervin Lalezary can assist you.

Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance providers is a part of being involved in a motorbike incident of any kind. We are all aware that insurance companies seek to maximise their profits, but in motorcycle accidents, the insurance company may try to shut your case as quickly as possible. This permits the insurance company to have you sign paperwork that might limit your future compensation for a motorbike accident.

The insurance company may also take a considerable amount of time to respond to your requests for case-related information. This is a typical method employed by insurance companies to induce a treatment lapse. A delay in your motorbike treatment might have a negative impact on your claim when you attempt to negotiate a settlement. The insurance company will argue that the injuries produced by the accident were never consistently addressed and are thus insufficient to support a payout.

Liability is the final important subject to discuss with an insurance carrier. If the facts surrounding your collision are even marginally doubtful, it is likely that the opposing insurance company may refuse all or a portion of your claim, claiming you were at blame. Notably, it is not advisable to communicate with your insurance provider without the guidance of an expert motorbike attorney. For instance, our organisation would assist you in communicating with your insurance provider and initiating a claim. This enables us to ensure that no statements indicate misconduct or liability concerns on your behalf.

Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident law firm takes pleasure in the fact that the insurance company listens when we call. Prior to negotiating a settlement with the insurance company, we put our clients in the best possible legal position by advising them. We discuss your rights directly with you so that you are prepared if you ever have to deal with the insurance company.

Recovery after a Motorcycle Crash

Due to the lack of protection they offer, motorcyclists are more likely to sustain serious, long-term injuries in an accident. Anyone who has been hurt in a motorcycle accident is aware that falling from a motorbike may be extremely painful, with the most of the suffering occurring days, weeks, or months after the event. This is due to the incident’s initial shock and stress. In certain circumstances, the body delays its response to pain due to the rush of adrenaline.

It is essential that the first thing you do following an accident is evaluate your health. Anyone engaged in a motorbike crash should seek medical attention. Motorcycle riders must prioritise their health, whether that means taking an ambulance after an accident, going to the emergency room, or going to an urgent care centre. Visiting a medical expert might alert you to temporary or permanent injuries you were previously unaware of. Some of these injuries might be minor scrapes and headaches, while others could be permanent scarring, amputations, or even death. Some serious accidents can include:

Broken Bones
Highway Rash
Dangerous Injuries
Brain Injuries
Nerve Damage
Even while all injuries require time to heal, catastrophic and severe injuries sustained in a motorbike accident may be permanent. Spine and brain injuries are frequently not just permanent, but also life-altering. Depending on the circumstances, an accident might render a rider bedridden or wheelchair-bound, rendering them dependent on others. This also affects their careers; a construction worker with paralysis or serious injuries may never be able to work again.

The financial repercussions of a motorbike accident might be exorbitant. In a matter of days, the expenditures might climb from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands as a result of medical expenses and the need for a caregiver. Long-term expenditures may include:

Prescription drugs
In-Home Care
Multiple Surgeries
Regular Check-up
Through a lien, our law company also pays the cost of medical costs incurred during your treatment. This affords you the time to heal without having to worry about expensive medical expenses.

Settlements for Motorcycles and Financial Recovery

After a motorcycle automobile collision, a victim’s compensation may be restricted by the policy’s maximum payout. This implies that if an insurance coverage covers $30,000, a sufferer can collect no more than that amount. If the motorbike riders’ expenses were larger, they would have to take a different course of action, typically directly suing the driver. Regardless of the insurance policy or lawsuit, anybody involved in a motorbike accident in Los Angeles should contact our motorcycle law office. After a motorcycle accident, our attorneys understand the intricacies of optimising your compensation to provide for the best possible recovery. From motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles to motorcycle accidents in San Francisco, our seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to defend your rights across the state of California.

Rider Privileges
One of the most hazardous and alluring riding methods used by motorcycle riders in California is “lane splitting”. In which a motorbike travels between lanes of slow-moving traffic at high speeds. While this is allowed in California, it is exceedingly risky for the rider, since the driver of a car in the slow-moving traffic may attempt to change lanes without being aware that a motorbike is crossing the lanes behind them.

The rider may be blindsided and unable to prevent or compensate for the accident. Assuming the rider is riding at a suitable pace for the flow of traffic, the other driver’s inability to change lanes safely places them at fault for this type of collision.

The California Highway Patrol could or might not issue a citation to the vehicle’s driver. Regardless of the CHP’s finding of fault, if the evidence is properly presented to the jury, the motorcyclist can still prevail.

Statistics on Motorcycle Accidents in California

Three out of four motorcycle accidents in the United States include a passenger car. This indicates that other passenger cars are the most likely cause of a collision involving a motorcycle. Less than one-fourth of collisions involve a single vehicle, indicating that it is far less probable that a motorbike collision would be caused by driver mistake. Nationally, motorcycle fatalities have increased, but in California, they have decreased by about 7 percent.

Reasons to Retain Our Motorcycle Legal Services
Any personal injury legal firm may be able to assist you in filing and swiftly settling your claim, but the Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at the Law Brothers will delve into your case. Frequently rejecting early offers from the insurance company, to ensure that your best interests come first. Among the reasons to hire our firm are:

A comprehensive knowledge of California Law.
Initiating an Insurance Claim.
Calculating your Damages.
Negotiating the terms of your Settlement.
Aggressive litigation and advocacy.
Any victim of a motorcycle accident can get compensation on his or her own; sadly, many of them will settle for less than they deserve. Our company will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys have helped many victims across the state of California.

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