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One person was detained and another was arrested following the Chandigarh University protest.
As demonstrations against allegedly “leaked objectionable movies” persisted at Chandigarh University, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) GS Bhullar attempted to appease the students by telling them that “implicit faith is crucial and “law is being followed.” Senior representatives from the district administration, police, and university tried to calm the students down as the protests raged on the campus into late Sunday night. In the presence of police, the majority of the demonstrators chanted “we want justice” while wearing all-black attire. They also chanted anti-police slogans.

An overview of the Chandigarh University protest case

Students who were protesting said that a student had recorded films of female students while they were bathing in the dorm. Later, the video went popular on social media. The students who were protesting also alleged that suicide attempts by female hostel residents occurred after the recordings became public. Police, however, denied the allegations of suicide attempts.
“The problem has been a lack of communication. We have repeatedly made clarifications. Students are given the assurance that the law is being upheld and that all legal processes are being followed “said DIG Bhullar.

In connection with the allegedly leaked inappropriate videos of Chandigarh University students, one person was arrested and another was detained. Sunny Mehta, the apprehended suspect, has been named. The young man is from a village in the Shimla district’s Rohru Subdivision, around 130 kilometres from the northern town. Rankaj Verma, a 31-year-old man, has been named as the detained individual.

“It involves student-shot videos that were later shared online. The accused student was taken into custody after a FIR was filed in the case. There have been no deaths associated with this occurrence. No documented attempt at suicide has been made, according to medical data, “Mohali Vivek Soni, senior superintendent of police, said on the Chandigarh University controversy.


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